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oil centrifuge

Designed to clean the cooling lubricants used in chip removal processes. This machine uses the best technology available on the market for oil separation or centrifugal separation.

Unlike other systems, which exploit the difference in surface tension (tapes, discs, tubes or coalescing filters), the LH 1600 separator uses the difference of the specific weights. This technology has the enormous advantage of a clear separation of the two fluids, ensuring a clean emulsion, oil-free and structurally intact.

The SD-600 module filters the emulsion before it is introduced into the centrifugal disc, removing solids that can obstruct passages. This module is suitable for filtering solid particles of alloys with low specific weights (e.g. aluminium), up to a particle size of a few microns.

The advantages of clean emulsion are as follows:

  • Emulsion lasts longer.
  • Significantly reduced downtime due to maintenance.
  • Lower waste fluid disposal costs.
  • Savings on use of water and emulsifiable fluids.
  • Reduced formation of oil mists.
  • Extends tool life.
  • Better quality finish.
  • Odour elimination.
  • Decreased risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Better cleaning of machine tools and/or tools.

Key strengths

  1. Allows you to manage the cleaning of 10 or more machines with a single piece of equipment.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. No consumables.
  4. Easy to move.
  5. Avoids clogging the ducts through which the refrigerant passes. For example: motorised tools, high pressure joints, etc.