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oil centrifuge

The machine uses the best technology of the market for de-oiling: the centrifugal separation.

Unlike other systems, which exploit the different surface tension (belts, discs, pipes or coalescence filters), the LHF-PRO has the enormous advantage of clearly dividing the two fluids, ensuring a clean emulsion, free of oil and intact in its structure.

The LHF-PRO oil separator uses the same centrifugal body as the LH-1000.

The machine is equipped with a paper filter and set up to install a magnetic separator. Before the cooling lubricant is introduced into the centrifuge, passing through the paper filter is thus filtered, considerably lengthening the cleaning time of the centrifuge.

The machine has been designed especially for those companies where aluminium is mainly worked.

The LHF-PRO remains the only solution for cleaning the tanks where the solid particulate remains suspended in the cooling lubricant, the use of the magnetic separator makes the application effective even for tanks polluted by cast iron dust, iron, etc.